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11 UC Davis Professors Elected as AAAS Fellows

Eleven UC Davis professors have been elected in this year’s class of fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, or AAAS, the world’s largest general scientific society.

Faculty from the Genome Center include Jonathan Eisen, Daniel Kliebenstein, Pablo Ross, and Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra. Congratulations!

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11 UC Davis Researchers Are Highly Cited

Eleven UC Davis researchers have been named in the annual Highly Cited Researchers 2020 list released by the Web of Science Group, which compiles statistics on scientific publishing. The list identifies scientists and social scientists who have published multiple papers ranking in the top 1 percent by citations in a particular field and year, over a 10-year period.

Recent Publications: September & October 2020

Genome Sequence of Verticillium dahliae Race 1 Isolate VdLs.16 From Lettuce

This recent publication by Chen et al. in Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions presented a high-quality reference genome sequence of Verticillium dahliae race 1 isolate VdLs.16, which is an important fungal pathogen of crop and ornamental plants. This resource is a building block for future research on pathogenicity and population diversity. Read the full article here.

Congratulations to Arpana Vaniya for being awarded the 2020 Trailblazer Award in Mentoring

Congratulations to Arpana Vaniya for being named one of the Trailblazers in Mentoring at the 2020 Million Women Mentors Summit. The Trailblazer Awards are hosted by Million Women Mentors, an initiative of StemConnectors, which is a global movement to spark interest and confidence in girls and women to pursue STEM careers and leadership through mentorship.

Congratulations to Pamela Ronald for being named GCHERA World Agriculture Prize Laureate

Pamela Ronald, distinguished professor in the Department of Plant Pathology at the University of California, Davis, and with the UC Davis Genome Center, has been named a 2020 World Agriculture Prize laureate by the Global Confederation of Higher Education Associations for Agricultural and Life Sciences, or GCHERA. She becomes the first woman whose work is recognized by the award.

Recent Publications: August 2020

Phytopathogen Effectors Use Multiple Mechanisms to Manipulate Plant Autophagy

A recent publication in Cell Host & Microbe by Lal et al. investigated the molecular mechanisms by which plant pathogens manipulate autophagy to increase pathogenicity. The authors found that Pseudomonas syringae HrpZ1, HopF3, and AvrPtoB alter autophagy to enhance infection.

Congratulations to Ilias Tagkopoulos for Being Awarded a Grant to Establish a New Food Systems Institute

The University of California, Davis, has been awarded $20 million as part of a multi-institutional collaboration to establish an institute focused on enabling the next-generation food system through the integration of artificial intelligence, or AI, technologies. The award is part of a larger investment announced today (Aug. 26) by the National Science Foundation, or NSF, in partnership with several federal agencies — distributing a total of $140 million to fund seven complementary AI research institutes across the nation.