GC proud sponsor of Dahshu 2017

Dahshu, a nonprofit organization with the mission of promoting research and education in data science, is hosting its inaugural scientific symposium in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area February 20-22nd, 2017. The theme for this coming year's conference is "Data Science and Computational Precision Health." It will be an international forum that includes keynote speeches, invited talks, demonstrations, as well as oral and poster presentations of refereed papers. The goal is to explore research, development and novel applications in the field of medical research and data science that actively promotes precision health. In this era of information explosion, great advancement to understand disease and help patients could only be achieved by successful collaborations. We aim to bring together academia, industry and policy makers into the same room to share knowledge and experiences, and to showcase innovations and achievements. The conference venue South San Francisco Conference Center is conveniently located in the heart of the biotech region, minutes from San Francisco Airport and 15 minutes from downtown San Francisco. cloud