C. Titus Brown is recipient of new Data-Driven Discovery Award from Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation



C. Titus Brown is one of 14 researchers who have been selected for the new Moore Investigators in Data-Driven Discovery award. These awards are part of a $60 million, five-year Data-Driven Discovery Initiative within the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Science Program. Titus’s talk and proposal regarding this award are available online.

“Many areas of science are currently data-rich, but discovery-poor,” said Vicki Chandler, PhD, Chief Program Officer for Science at the Moore Foundation. “The Moore Investigator Awards in Data-Driven Discovery aim to reverse that trend by enabling researchers to harness the unprecedented diversity of scientific data now available and answer new kinds of questions. We hope that other funders, public and private, will join us in supporting this transformation.”

Titus will be moving his lab to UC Davis in January 2015 and will be a member of the Genome Center as well as holding an appointment in the School of Veterinary Medicine. His lab will use a mixture of computational and wet lab techniques in order to improve our understanding of gene function.

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