Oliver Fiehn

Celebrating Professor Oliver Fiehn's Distinction on the Analytical Scientist Journal's Powerlist

We are delighted that Professor Oliver Fiehn has been honored on the powerlist of the Analytical Scientist Journal under the “Mentors and Educators” category. Professor Fiehn is committed to supporting the next generation of scientists, so he prioritizes teaching and mentorship at all educational levels. By taking on initiatives such as inviting K-12 students to come get a taste of science in action, Professor Fiehn hopes to ignite an early interest in research. Professor Fiehn understands that his undergraduate students come from differing backgrounds and face unique individual challenges, so he tailors tasks to help these students succeed and offers additional one-on-one office hours. On the other hand, some students look to be pushed further, so he created special seminars to delve deeper into the materials. For his doctoral students and postdocs, Professor Fiehn’s door is always open to brainstorm research ideas, tackle methodological obstacles, and provide career advice. Finally, Professor Fiehn also knows how challenging it can be to balance career and family, so he makes sure to actively support his lab members in finding flexible arrangements. Congratulations to Professor Fiehn for this well-deserved recognition!

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