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2024 Annual CBS Staff Appreciation

Quick Summary

  • Genome Center members were recognized for their years of service at the 2024 Annual CBS Staff Appreciation.

College of Biological Sciences held its Annual CBS Staff Appreciation on May 29, 2024. Staff members from four departments and three centers joined the appreciation lunch, enjoying time to network and participate in a fun round of trivia. More than 15 staff members from the Genome Center were in attendance.

The event's main highlight was the recognition of our Genome Center staff who were recognized for their years of service! Join me in thanking our Genome Center staff members for their dedication and outstanding contributions to the Genome Center community.

10 years of service

  • Charlotte Acharya
  • Anne-Maarit Bagman
  • Emily Kumimoto
  • Angelica Michelle Rolon
  • Quincey Rush
  • Ashley Vater

15 years of service

  • Jie Li
  • Jeannette Martins
  • Adam Schaal
  • John Schulze

20 years of service

  • Keri Cavanaugh
  • Michelle Salemi

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