Recent Publications: July 2020

Genome Center

Fungi, bacteria and oomycota opportunistically isolated from the seagrass, Zostera marina

A recent publication in PLOS ONE from Ettinger and Eisen surveys the fungi, bacteria, and oomycetes associated with the seagrass Zostera marina. The findings of the study provided insight into fungi associated with Z. marina and highlights the need for further studies into microbial associations with other seagrasses. Read the full article here.

A comparison of proteomic, genomic, and osteological methods of archaeological sex estimation

Buonasera et al.'s recent publication in Scientific Reports tested the efficiency of the three common approaches used to estimate sex in archaeological studies. The authors found that using proteomics was a strong method for sex estimation and should be used in complement to osteological and shot-gun genomic sex estimation. Read the full article here.