2019 Halloween Symposium

Thursday, October 31st
8:00 am- 3:00 pm, GBSF 1005 and LOBBY

8:00-8:45 am Set-up & Registration: Pumpkin Carving, Poster Presenters, and Costume Contestants Morning Coffee Refreshments

8:45 am Opening Remarks and Introduction to the Earth BioGenome Project Dr. Stephen Richards; UC Davis Project Scientist

9 am Dr. Beth Shapiro; Key Note Lecture Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator & Professor Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Genomics Institute UC Santa Cruz “Genomics, Biotechnology, and the Future of Conservation”

10 am Coffee Break Sponsored by Illumina Poster and Pumpkin Carving viewing and voting

10:20 am €œThe Frightening World of Spider Genomics” Dr. Jim Starrett; UC Davis Assistant Project Scientist

10:40 am New Capabilities of the PacBio Sequel II Sequencing System Dr. Meredith Ashby; Pacific Biosciences

11 am “Reconstruction of the Mammalian Ancestral Karyotype” Dr. Joana Damas; UC Davis Postdoctoral Fellow

11:20 am “Bringing Mint Into The Genomic Era” Dr. Isabelle Henry; UC Davis Project Scientist

11:40 am “Microbial communities from the McMurdo Dry Valleys provide insights into microbial ecology, life on early earth, and the evolution of oxygenic photosynthesis"
Dr. Christy Grettenberger; UC Davis Postdoctoral Fellow

12 pm Lunch Break*
Final voting for Poster Presentations and Pumpkin Carving.
Costume Contestants please be available in the lobby & Patio areas for final view & voting.

1:30 pm Dr. Arang Rhie; Keynote Lecture NIH, National Human Genome Research Institute “Towards complete and error-free assemblies of all vertebrate genomes.”

2:30 pm Closing remarks; Announcement of Raffle, Poster & Contest Winners