Hands-on LC-MS Data Processing and Statistics 2023 (Online)

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This course will feature hands-on training with real-world untargeted metabolomics data covering LC-MS data processing, compound identification, statistical analysis, network mapping, & data interpretation.

  • Untargeted data processing and exercises on MS-DIAL software.
  • Exercises in the identification of unknowns by cheminformatics software workflows (including MS-FINDER, CFM-ID, various databases, and small software routines)
  • Data normalization and transformation with and without internal standards and quality controls
  • Multivariate and univariate statistics 
  • Pathway mapping and enrichment analysis

Hands-on assignments and exercises will be performed in small breakout rooms, assisted by instructors & breakout room facilitators.

All participants will be trained on virtual machines hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) prior to the course. Each machine will have all software already installed and data available to use.

We will instruct using a variety of software, workflows, and algorithms but also give theoretical background information and overviews. We will focus on utilizing open-source software and only refer to commercial or vendor software when necessary.

The course fees are $2,500 per participant to cover expenses for instructors, online hosts, helpers, and organizations. 

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