Bits & Bites #9: Fundamentals of gas chromatography-MS in metabolomics

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Required software: MS-DIAL for Windows and BinVestigate. Versions of the tool to be used will be announced closer to the course date.
Participant prerequisites: Basic knowledge of computer skills. No coding experience is needed. 

Short description of the course: While LC-MS is all the hype in today's portfolio of metabolomics assays, ranges of small molecules are difficult to impossible to screen in this manner. Volatile compounds in breath, urine, or plant analyses can best be analyzed by GC-MS. Additionally, swaths of primary metabolic intermediates ranging from glycolysis and pentose phosphates to TCA compounds, sugars, and small microbial metabolites are readily and cost-efficiently analyzed by GC-MS. In this short course, we discuss fundamentals of GC-MS, tips for best practice, aspects of instructs of instrumentation, and demonstrate data processing and use of databases. Participants will also learn the current challenges, trends, and developments of GC-MS-based metabolomics.

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