Bits & Bites #6 Introduction to Bayesian statistics in metabolomics

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Required software: JASP (can be downloaded for free from Versions of the tool to be used will be announced closer to the course date.
Participant prerequisites: Basic knowledge of statistics (e.g., know what a t-test and a correlation are). No coding experience is needed, and there is no coding taught in this session.

Short description of the course: Bayesian statistics are a useful method for estimating effect sizes and testing the strength of evidence in favor of one hypothesis over another - things that p-values and traditional statistics can't do. However, they are under-utilized in metabolomics research.  This workshop will provide a brief refresher on traditional statistics, teach the basic principles behind Bayesian statistics, learn how to conduct basic Bayesian analyses in JASP (free, open-source software available from and learn how to report the results in the style of a journal article.

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