Bits & Bites #02: Introduction to the GNPS Ecosystem-Tools, Visualizations, and Data

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The instructor for this course is Dr. Mingxun Wang, UC Riverside. Back by popular demand, in this short course we want to familiarize the entire community with how to look at their data using classical molecular networking on GNPS by reanalyzing public MassIVE data with classical molecular networking, visualizing raw mass spec data with GNPS Dashboard, and searching/contextualizing MS/MS data with MASST. The goals of the short course are to:

  • Select spectrum files and metadata from MassIVE public dataset
  • Run classical molecular network workflow
  • Qualitatively comparison of cohorts with molecular networks
  • Visualize LC/MS Data Interactively - GNPS Dashboard
  • Search Public Data with MASSTIdentify putative compounds
  • Visualize your molecular families

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