Finding the Genome Center on the UC Davis campus

The Genome Center is located in the Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility (GBSF) on the west of the UC Davis campus. Use the Google map below to find us, or visit the campus map page. Please note that labs and facilities in the Genome Center are distributed across three different floors of the GBSF building (1st, 4th, and 5th).


There are parking lots to the west and east of the GBSF building. Information about campus parking is available from the Transportation And Parking Services (TAPS) website, or call 530-752-TAPS (8277).

Please note that a valid UC Davis permit is required to park on campus. You can purchase a parking permit online from TAPS, or by visiting the TAPS office. Alternatively, daily visitor permits may be purchased for $9.00 from permit dispensing machines in each of the parking lots. After 5:00 pm, visitor permits are also valid at meters and in ‘A’ permit areas. There is also limited metered parking directly in from of the GBSF building.

Getting to Davis


Davis is about 75 miles away from San Francisco and can be reached by taking the eastbound I-80 from the bay area. This can typically take 1.5–2.5 hours depending on traffic. Also note that a bridge toll must be paid when driving through the bay area.

If traveling from Sacramento International Airport, you can either take I-5 north and then highway 113 south (approx. 20 minutes) or take I-5 south and then I-80 west (approx 25 minutes).

Public transport

Davis has an Amtrak station that connects to the bay area. However, in order to travel from San Francisco International Airport the Bay Area Rapid Transport (BART) is required (change at Richmond to connect with Amtrak). Alternatively, an Amtrak bus service connects various stops in downtown San Francisco with the Amtrak station at Emeryville. Public transport from San Francisco to Davis can take 2.5 hours or longer depending on connections.

If arriving by train, it takes approximately 40 minutes to walk from the station in Davis to the Genome Center. The Unitrans A line bus service leaves from just outside the station and travels to the MU bus terminal on campus ($1 cash fare), though this still requires a 20–25 walk to the Genome Center. Please note that taxis are typically not available at the station without booking in advance.

If traveling from Sacramento airport, Yolobus has a service that connects from the airport to the UC Davis campus (takes about 40 minutes).

If booked in advance, the Davis Airporter runs a shuttle service that can take you to Davis from either Sacramento or San Francisco airports. (approximately $85 for a one-way fare from San Francisco).

Upcoming Talks and Events

Events on May 16, 2019
WCMC: Best practice in operating mass spectrometers in Metabolomics
Starts: 12:00 am
Ends: May 20, 2019 - 12:00 am
Location: Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility, 451 Health Science Dr, Davis, CA 95616, USA
Description: Registration:

This course will enhance your standing and expertise to prepare and successfully run samples in a metabolomic laboratory. It is designed to provide hands-on practical exercises using gas and liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (GC-MS & LC-MS). The course will focus on untargeted data acquisition in metabolomics with both nominal mass and accurate mass instruments. You will learn how to operate the instruments, how to collect metabolite profiles on complex samples and how to prepare and derivatize samples, troubleshoot instruments, acquire data and perform data quality control routines (QA/QC). Overall, you will receive comprehensive understanding of the current best practices in the metabolomics laboratory.

The course will include:

1. Fundamentals of mass spectrometry, chromatography, and metabolomics.
2. hands-on exercises on sample preparation, including extraction and derivatization
of complex samples for untargeted metabolomics profiling
3. Hands-on exercises to learn how to operate both gas and liquid chromatography
coupled to mass spectrometry (GC-MS & LC-MS).
4. quality control routines (QA/QC) in order to ensure comparable data, reproducibility, and instrument performance.
Events on August 19, 2019
International Summer Sessions in Metabolomics
Starts: 12:00 am
Ends: August 31, 2019 - 12:00 am
Location: UC Davis Alumni Center
Description: Registration:

Contact: Jeannette Martins

Please, contact us now if you need letters of support to obtain funding from your home institutions.

The West Coast Metabolomics Center organizes an instructional course for researchers for researcher which need a deeper and broader understanding in the field of Metabolomics. This course will span 12 days from August 19-30, 2019.

In order to serve the group interests best and have interesting open discussions we have a small class of 22 participants. The participants come always from all over the world and have a very diverse research background.

The course will include:

study design, including pitfall analysis and hidden biases in studies from microbial, plant, mouse and human cohort research
sample preparation and quality control
in-laboratory detailed discussions standard operating procedures for GC-MS and LC-MS data acquisitions
targeted metabolomics, including monitoring charts and use of isotope labeled internal standards
exercises on flux analysis in cancer cells by isotope tracer analysis
untargeted data processing and exercises on MS-DIAL software (in comparison to XCMS)
exercises on identification of unknowns by cheminformatics software workflows (incl MS-FINDER, CFM-ID, and various databases and small software routines)
data normalization and transformation with and without internal standards and quality controls
multivariate and univariate statistics (incl MetDA in comparison to MetaboAnalyst)
pathway mapping (incl MetaBox consisting of MetDA, ChemRICH and MetaMapp in comparison to MetaboAnalyst)
Past course participation:
2018 course: 25 researchers from USA, Brazil, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Norway, Germany, Poland, Canada
2017 course: 24 researchers from USA, Saudi-Arabia, China, , Korea, Italy, Denmark, Iran, United Kingdom
2016 course: 23 researchers from USA, Saudi-Arabia, China, Thailand, Japan, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Korea, and Canada.
2015 course: 21 researchers from USA, China, Germany, Brazil, Switzerland, Denmark, Canada, Korea, Malaysia, and Netherlands.
2014 course: 20 researchers from USA, New Zealand, Italy, Denmark, China, Canada, Turkey and Switzerland
2013 course: 20 researchers from USA, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Denmark, Luxembourg, Brazil, Columbia, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.
For questions, please contact our program representative Jeannette Martins (

Visiting Scientists
Participation in this course is mandatory for visiting international researchers who want to engage in collaborative research projects.
The minimum time span for such collaborative visits is 3 months, preferred is 12 months.
An additional payment of $500 for the visa has to be paid prior to arrival at UC Davis.

Each year, up to five international researchers have started such research visits, funded by agencies in their home countries.
Please contact us at least 6 months in advance to help you with letters of support, booking your course, and obtaining a visa for you.
Cancellation policy
Requests for refunds will be honored when received 2 month prior to the program. Refund requests can be only accepted in a written form. However, another person may be substituted at any time for this program, unless it requires issuing a new travel visa for international scholars.

A $150 administrative fee and the credit card fee will be deducted for cancellations.
In the unlikely event that this program is cancelled or postponed due to insufficient enrollments or unforeseen circumstances, the WCMC will fully refund registration fees but cannot be held responsible for any other expenses, including cancellation or change charges assessed by airlines, hotels, travel agencies, or other organizations.