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DEI at the Genome Center

The field of biological sciences has a persistent lack of diversity. When science lacks the equal participation of all members in society, it limits the opportunities available for individuals from all backgrounds, and the field of biological sciences suffers from the lack of inclusion of different perspectives that would enhance our knowledge of the living world (Berhe et al. 2021).

DEI Resources at UCD

Visit this link to see DEI resources available at UC Davis.

The Genome Center’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force aims to monitor and improve the workplace climate at the Genome Center by diminishing the barriers to equity in the center. The Genome Center’s DEI Task Force will promote historically excluded populations who are currently underrepresented in omics. The DEI Task Force will also work to improve accessibility of the center.

The UC Davis Genome Center’s DEI Task Force began with an inquiry on experiences and interest from Genome Center members. Creation of a DEI Task Force was fully supported, includes individuals from all positions, and held its first meeting on October 20, 2021.

Task Force Members:

Co-chairs: Arpana Vaniya and Dave Segal.

Name Position
Acharya, Charlotte SRA
Belden, Michelle Staff
Dinesh-Kumar, Savithrama Faculty
Fejerman, Laura Faculty
Fernandez, Daniel Junior Specialist
Gupte, Eesha Staff
Grigorean, Gabriela Project Scientist
Halmai, Nicole Postdoctoral Scholar
Kim, Christina Assistant Professor
Korf, Ian Faculty
LaSalle, Janine Faculty
McPherson, John Faculty
Manzano, Concepcion Assistant Project Scientist
Marimuthu, Mohan Prem Anand Specialist
Martins, Jeannette Staff
Myrik, Justin Staff
Rowan, Beth Project Scientist
Segal, David Faculty
Sekar, Aarthi Graduate Student
Vaniya, Arpana Staff
Xu, Jannie Student Research Assistant
Zavala, Valentina Postdoctoral Scholar


Please reach out to the GC's DEI Task Force to learn more or share ideas to make the GC more inclusive.