Details available for the Genome Center Halloween Symposium

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Featuring posters, contests, food, and the following distinguished speakers:

Bruce Draper

UC Davis, Molecular and Cellular Biology
9:10 am “Sexy Knockouts: Using Genome Editing Technologies to Study The Mechanisms of Sex Determination and Maintenance In Zebrafish”

Bruce Conklin

Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, UCSF
9:45 am “Precise Single-base Genome Engineering in Human iPS Cells to Model and Treat Disease”

David Segal

UC Davis, Genome Center
11:00am “Genome Engineering at the Dawn of the Golden Age”

Dana Carroll

University of Utah, Department of Biochemistry
11:30 am “Genome Engineering with Targetable Nucleases”


A flyer with all the details is available.



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