Recent publications from the Genome Center

Genetic variation and temperature affects hybrid barriers during interspecific hybridization

Bjerkan et al. 2019. The Plant Journal.

This paper provides evidence that post-zygotic hybridization barriers can be affected by both genetic and abiotic factors. Read more.

Switching on a nontraditional enzymatic base –deprotonation by serine in the ent-kaurene synthase by Bradyrhizobium japonicum

Jia et al. 2019. ACS Catal.

The authors describe a switch similar to the replacement of a key aliphatic residue with serine or threonine in the structurally characterized ent-kaurene synthase from Bradyrhizobium japonicum. Read more.

CASP13 target classification into tertiary structure prediction categories

Kinch et al. 2019. Proteins: 1-16.

The authors describe a procedure used to split CASP13 targets into evaluation units and assign them into two categories. Read more.

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