Bits & Bites



What is Bits & Bites?

A semi-regular meeting at the Genome Center to discuss bioinformatics, genomics, and all things relating to sequence analysis. As of June 2013, we also hope to start some regular training material about Unix, Perl, and coding in general. We aim to cover a range of basic, intermediate, and advanced material, but we’ll also be encouraging people to bring their own problems to the table.

Who talks at Bits & Bites?

We like to keep things informal and sometimes we just discuss things in a very open manner (while some of us munch on our lunch…hence the ‘Bites’ in Bits & Bites). However, most often one or more people volunteer to lead a discussion on a specific topic and present data and/or slides that will educate the rest of us. These presentations are often short to allow time to discuss things afterwards. Every now and again, we have a speaker from industry or a visiting scholar from another university.

What topics have you discussed?

Some of the previous discussions have concerned: RNA Seq, sequence assembly, SNP calling, use of revision control software, HMMs, sequence alignment, next generation sequencing, large-scale compuing, genome databases, genotyping, working with Illumina data, PacBio sequencing, working with ‘big’ data, advantages/disadvantages of different programming languages.

Who attends?

Grad students, post-docs, project scientists, PIs, and other interested parties.

When do you meet?

Thursdays at 12:00 in room 4202 of the Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility (map)…but not every Thursday, see next point.

How do I find out more?

Join the (very low-traffic) Bits & Bites mailing list which is mostly used to announce new meetings, but is also a resource in itself (a way of quickly reaching out to other bioinformaticians on campus):

Send an email to In the subject line of your message, type: subscribe bitsandbites Jim Watson (replace with your name). Leave the message body blank.