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Genomics is the key to reading and understanding the blueprint of life. Unprecedented amounts of data about genes, proteins and biochemical metabolites are being generated using rapidly changing technologies. The UC Davis Genome Center was established to provide the most innovative and state-of-the-art analytical and computational technologies available. The campus has made major investments through the Genome Center in contemporary instrumentation and experienced staff to run the various service cores. This guarantees that research on any organism at UC Davis is at the cutting edge and integrates experimental and computational approaches to address questions at the forefront of comparative and functional genomics.

UC Davis is well positioned to make significant advances in basic and translational research. Genomics-based studies will lead to the development o f new therapeutic interventions, sustainable food and fuel production, and multiple other emerging opportunities in biology that span all disciplines and taxonomic categories.

Director of the Genome Center, Richard Michelmore

Director of the Genome Center, Richard Michelmore

“We are at a very exciting time in biology. By embracing the opportunities and challenges of the current ‘Big Data’ era of genome research, the Genome Center will impact many diverse fields including cancer biology, veterinary medicine, plant and animal breeding, and sustasustainable biofuel production.”

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