Information for Genome Center members


Links to resources

Note that some pages that relate to the Genome Center are outside the direct control of the Genome Center web team and are not part of the new website.

To do

Websites are always a ‘work-in-progress’, but there are several things that we plan to do once the base-level of the website is up and running. These include:

  • Dedicated ‘Research’ page about major areas of research
  • Linking faculty members to all of their publications (hopefully in a semi-automated way that can help generate news stories for the main blog)
  • Linking faculty members to their current grants
  • Launching a monthly ‘Spotlight’ focus where we give a more detailed look at a Genome Center member (not just faculty)
  • More videos, especially from Core Managers
  • Establish LinkedIn page for Genome Center
  • Better use of Genome Center twitter account (e.g. auto notify of new publications?)
  • Other suggestions welcome (use contact page)